Writing for The Volcanic

by sugarmagnoliawilson

I have a weekly poetry column (and every now and again a post on other topics) at the new, Auckland focussed, online magazine, The Volcanic.

It’s a great mag and while it does focus mainly on Auckland events, arts, eats and outdoor activities, it has some really great reviews on books, film and my fave, the weekly music roundup Do Not Delete by Joe Garlick. L.I.F.E.S.A.V.E.R!! He has great taste and writes really well. I love searching for music but it is time consuming and I have writing to get done! So, he keeps me stocked with all sorts of new tunes that either break my heart, make me dance like not even a night horse is watching, or lie down and dream of the music of the spheres. Check it out.

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Ciao kids.